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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hours/Operating Procedures

Are you open on weekends?

We are not open on weekends. 

Are you open to the public? Do I have to make an appointment? Are dogs allowed on the property? If I arrive a few minutes prior to closing, will I still be able to make a purchase?


How are products weighed?

We use pallet scales to weigh products so you can park your vehicle in designated parking areas and we will bring palletized products to your vehicle for loading.

Do you offer delivery? Do you ship products out of state? Will I be able to pick up my product the day of purchase? Will someone be available to assist in loading my vehicle?


Do I have to purchase a full pallet?

Partial pallet sales are available on most products at no additional cost.

We try to have one pallet of each product “open” for partial purchases so customers can take what they need. We ask that when selecting from an open pallet, customers handle the stone carefully to limit damage and to put any pieces back they do not intend to buy.

Select products that are difficult to source may be limited to full pallet sales only.

Please do not open pallets. Find a Rock Mountain Products team member to assist.

Please do not climb on pallets or stone as the product may be unstable and shift.

Is the weight of the pallet included in the cost of the stone? Can I return empty pallets? Do I have to pay for stone samples? Can I place HOLDS on products without payment? How long can I leave my purchased product at Rock Mountain? Can Rock Mountain pick up products that have been approved for return? Do I have to purchase Water Feature Kits as set up or can I purchase individual parts and pieces? Can I return products for a refund and/or credit?

Product Information

How many pounds in a cubic yard?

Depending on the product density, a cubic yard is roughly 2800-3000 lbs.

All our Super Sack (Bulk) products weigh 3,000 lbs.

What square footage is in a ton? How much does a full pallet weigh?

Warranties/Repairs/Other Services

Do you repair or service pond equipment?

We are not set up to service or repair equipment. We will assist in evaluating the issue with your equipment, but it may require that the equipment be dropped off for later inspection or testing.

Do you handle warranties on pond equipment? Do you offer any services, e.g., landscape/water feature design or installation